Wagging Finger

Kintra Spirits is officially part of Wagging Finger BV. And Wagging Finger is our own distillery in Deventer. At the distillery we produce various kinds of high quality Gins and production on “Jonge Genever”,  “Oude Genever”, “Korenwijn” and our own Whisky has recently started.

The Wagging Finger portfolio is ever increasing. Wagging Finger stands for the traditional down to earth Dutch attitude. We don’t follow the latest rage… we don’t do hipster drinks… we do not conform to modern marketing standards.

All of our undertakings are done under the watchful eye of our Great-great grandmother Willemijn. If she doesn’t approve of what we do… she’ll make sure she is heard. If this appeals to you and if you think that the Wagging Finger products could be a nice addition in you store or restaurant/bar then please get in touch! Or visit the Wagging Finger website here!

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