Mezcal Nucano

Mezcal Nucano is a 100% Oaxacan brand that looks to bring a part of Oaxacan culture and tradition to the rest of the world through mezcal. Kintra Spirits is the importer for Nucano Mezcal in the Netherlands. High quality, craft distilling at its best.

The Nucano brand is in the hands of 5th generation Mezcal producing family and only recently has the brand been available overseas. Their “standard” Espadin Joven Mezcal has won a gold medal at the the San Fransisco Spirits Competition and perfectly explains what Mezcal is… earthy, vegetal and smokey.

An Islay-whisky lover will like this drink as well. The distillates form the wild Agaves (compared to the cultivated Espadin Agaves) such as Tobalá, Cuishe, Arroqueno and Tepextate are the pinnacle of what the Mezcal world has to offer and will appeal to the high end lover of fine drinks.

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