Sample Eleven Blended Rum

Created by Jürgen Vromans (The Whisky/Rum Mercenary) & Erik Molenaar (Kintra Spirits)

Here it is! Our own blended rum creation. What started as a wild idea developed into a project that almost took a whole year. With our experience in selection of single cask rums we bravely started this project to create our own rum filled with character. Great to drink neat or to use in a mix.

But blending proved to be a real challenge. Combinations that we knew would work on paper did not always work in real life. More than 20 experiments later we decided that we loved blend number 11. A blend with a combination of just the right amount of fruitiness, impressive flavours and a long finish. This was the one.

As you are used from us we are quite open about everything that we do, so here are the building blocks that we have used for our creation. Our basis was formed with rums from Panama, Guyana, Barbados and the Dominican Republic, all aged between 2 and 5 years. Then we added some unaged Jamaican pure pot still rum. Funky!

But we were not there yet. A small quantity of older rum can work miracles and add depth and complexity to the mix. So we added some Caroni 19 years old and Enmore 27 years old. If you have been following our single cask expressions, these likely will sound familiar to you.

The name of this expression simply refers to batch 11, the one selected from all the experiments. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoy Sample Eleven Blended Rum! – Gentle but Bold