Pierre Lecat Cognac

This small family owned Vineyard in Saint Fraigne has originally been supplying the larger cognac producers in the region with high quality wines since the mid 1970’s. The farm grows some 20 hectares of Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche grapes for their Eau de Vie. Today the largest part of their production is used for their own brand of Cognac…Pierre Lecat, named after the local watchmaker that lived in the village in the past. The wines are distilled on site in their own 40 year old Charentais Alambic and the distillate is than filled into french oak casks for up to 20 years and more. The Lecat Cognacs are bottled from 3 years up to 23 years as VS Instinct, VSOP experience and XO memoire after the various casks are blended to create the distinct character.