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Sample Eleven Blended Rum

Created by Jürgen Vromans (The Whisky/Rum Mercenary) & Erik Molenaar (Kintra Spirits)

Here it is! Our own blended rum creation. What started as a wild idea developed into a project that almost took a whole year. With our experience in selection of single cask rums we bravely started this project to create our own rum filled with character. Great to drink neat or to use in a mix.

But blending proved to be a real challenge. Combinations that we knew would work on paper did not always work in real life. More than 20 experiments later we decided that we loved blend number 11. A blend with a combination of just the right amount of fruitiness, impressive flavours and a long finish. This was the one.

As you are used from us we are quite open about everything that we do, so here are the building blocks that we have used for our creation. Our basis was formed with rums from Panama, Guyana, Barbados and the Dominican Republic, all aged between 2 and 5 years. Then we added some unaged Jamaican pure pot still rum. Funky!

But we were not there yet. A small quantity of older rum can work miracles and add depth and complexity to the mix. So we added some Caroni 19 years old and Enmore 27 years old. If you have been following our single cask expressions, these likely will sound familiar to you.

The name of this expression simply refers to batch 11, the one selected from all the experiments. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoy Sample Eleven Blended Rum! – Gentle but Bold

Pierre Lecat Cognac

This small family owned Vineyard in Saint Fraigne has originally been supplying the larger cognac producers in the region with high quality wines since the mid 1970’s. The farm grows some 20 hectares of Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche grapes for their Eau de Vie. Today the largest part of their production is used for their own brand of Cognac…Pierre Lecat, named after the local watchmaker that lived in the village in the past. The wines are distilled on site in their own 40 year old Charentais Alambic and the distillate is than filled into french oak casks for up to 20 years and more. The Lecat Cognacs are bottled from 3 years up to 23 years as VS Instinct, VSOP experience and XO memoire after the various casks are blended to create the distinct character.

Domaine UBY Armagnac

Domaine UBY is situated in the Gascogne area of France. It is a family owned vineyard that produces Wines and Armagnac. The range of UBY Armagnac is created from both the Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grapes and distilled at the vineyard itself.

They age in French Oak barrels to develop the “eau de vie” into the noble amber-coloured liquid. The traditional range consists of 5 different age expressions. 3 to 20 years old.Armagnac “UBY OAK” was added to the portfolio. It has matured in 3 different types of cask and is created from 50% Baco and 50% Ugni Blanc grapes. The UBY OAK is 100% organic and can be described as “a new generation of Armagnac”. Recent addition to the UBY OAK range is the No. 12. Bottled after 12 years maturation in new French oak casks. A very luxurious well balanced drink.

Golden Cask

The Golden Cask series is the label for the independent Single Malt Whisky releases from The House of Macduff. For each expression Jane Macduf, here son Iain and advisor John McDougall select a single cask whisky and bottle it at cask-strength, non chill filtered while not adding any colouring. Kintra Spirits is the exclusive importer for Golden Cask in the Netherlands.

They have presented some true gems in the last years. Macduff 33 and 35 years old, Bunnahabhain 28y, Benrinnes 21y…. but also younger whiskies that are absolutely stunning: Miltonduff 8y, Craighellachie 10y, Longmorn 9y etc etc.

The House of Macduff also releases the Selkie Blended Malt and The Burns Nectar Single Malt. The Selkie is an exquisite blend of 5 Single Malts. Batch 1 has sold out, batch 2 is now available. The Burns Nectar is a 5y old Highland Single Malt aged on former Olorosso sherry casks. Very mature for its age.

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Three Stills Company

The Three Stills Company produces the Lower East Side Blended Malt and Clan Fraser Blended Scotch Whisky. As the principal owners of the Borders Distillery in Hawick, Scotland they will release the Borders Distillery (openend in april 2018) products in the years to come.

They are producing with their William Kerr Borders Gin. A Gin distilled form the New Make Spirit that they use for their Whisky. It has a earthy, malty undertone beneath the Juniper and Citrus influence. Recently they have added to the range the Puffing Billy Vodka. The malted barley gives it a rich, creamy texture. Kintra Spirits is the importer for these brands in the Netherlands.

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Wagging Finger

Kintra Spirits is officially part of Wagging Finger BV. And Wagging Finger is our own distillery in Deventer. At the distillery we produce various kinds of high quality Gins and production on “Jonge Genever”,  “Oude Genever”, “Korenwijn” and our own Whisky has recently started.

The Wagging Finger portfolio is ever increasing. Wagging Finger stands for the traditional down to earth Dutch attitude. We don’t follow the latest rage… we don’t do hipster drinks… we do not conform to modern marketing standards.

All of our undertakings are done under the watchful eye of our Great-great grandmother Willemijn. If she doesn’t approve of what we do… she’ll make sure she is heard. If this appeals to you and if you think that the Wagging Finger products could be a nice addition in you store or restaurant/bar then please get in touch! Or visit the Wagging Finger website here!

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The Kintra Rum Collection

The Rum Collection from Kintra is an independent bottling line which showcases quality rums from all over the world, bottled at cask strength and (as much as possible) natural colour and without added sweetening.

Single Estate and Single Cask only… As Single Malt Whisky lovers are looking for alternatives this category of rum is getting more popular.

We bring these Rums to many (whisky)festivals throughout the year and most people are pleasantly surprised by the quality and wide range in taste-profiles these Rums have to offer. Please contact us for the latest available expressions.

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The Kintra Single Cask Collection

The Kintra Single Cask Collection is a line of independent bottlings from well known and lesser known Scottish distilleries. Each cask is individually selected and offers a unique profile of the distillery involved.

We bottle blended malts and single grain expression in this collection as well. All expressions are at cask strength, natural colour and un-chillfiltered.

Always limited editions as the casks we buy do not have an unlimited quantity of liquid in them. Kintra Single Cask collection can be a good addition to the “Independents” in your store.  A Dutch selection of (mainly) Scotch Single Malt Whisky will appeal to a lot of Malt lovers.

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